Thursday, December 26, 2013

Teacher and Learner Benefits of Using Computers in the Classroom

this article was excerpted from an article first published by the Michigan State University College of Communication Arts and Sciences and edited by Rabbi Stan Peerless, JETS 

Positive elements of laptop programs in general are highlighted in research done by Gulek and Demirtas (2005) in their evaluation of Microsoft's Anywhere Learning Project. Their research demonstrated positive results on student learning and curriculum delivery. The evaluation of student and teacher outcomes are summarized below: 

Student Outcomes:
  • Laptops lead to more student writing and to writing of a higher quality
  • Laptops increase access to information and improve research analysis skills
Laptop Students:
  • Spend more time engaging in collaborative work than non-laptop students
  • participate in more project-based instruction
  • Become collaborators (interact with each other about their work)
  • Direct their own learning
  • Report a greater reliance on active learning strategies
  • Readily engage in problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Consistently show deeper and more flexible use of technology
  • Spend more time doing homework on computers
Teacher Outcomes:
  • Use a more constructivist approach to teaching
  • Feel more empowered in the classroom
  • Spend less time lecturing

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