Sunday, December 22, 2013 -- Social Poster for the elearning Classroom

After I wrote last week's post about using Storify for elearning a colleague suggested that I take a look at another tool, the new collaborative blackboard. allows you to add sticky notes, images, links, and files to visualize, imagine and discuss ideas on an open platform that you can make public so that everyone can see your presentation. 

You can use it for collaborative research and visual brainstorming, as well as for designing storyboards and flow charts, and get feedback right on the spot.
It's easy to start adding content by double clicking to add a sticky note, drag a link or add a picture or video from the Web, Evernote and Google Drive.
One of the best things about the tool is that you can start a collaboration session and open it up so that other people can contribute their own links, pictures and other material.
Sign in at and, once you've opened an account, click on "create new mural." Title your mural and click "Create a Mural" button. Everything on is based on the Drag and Drop principal in which you drag in links and files and use them to build your mural.
Along the sidebar you'll find options to add in background patterns, sticky notes, text boxes, shapes and designs, websites, videos and more.

When you've created your mural you can share it, download it as an image or embed it in a document or website. You can export all of your content on your mural to a downloadable ZIP file. You can either create a view link for people to see your content or, if they're signed in, share your edit link so that they can go in and edit and add their own content.

My upcoming class wants to learn about Israel, so I created this in about an hour, including the time that it took me to learn to navigate, prepare the lesson and gather all of my materials. And, I had a blast!

You get one free "room" and after that you'll need to upgrade your account. 

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