Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hip Hop Hebraics at Yeshivat Noam

A lively class of boys set the stage for an engaging online lesson of Hip Hop Hebraics this week.

Four students from the Yeshivat Noam school, Josh, Yisrael, Boaz and Naftali meet with their Israeli teacher, Leah, to learn Hebrew words, concepts and the history of the language.

The boys' class this week dealt with the origins of Hebrew. How old is Hebrew? Are there other languages that are just as old? Which ones still exist today?

The class progressed as the boys dived into the subject, using a linoboard and sticky notes to explore the subject and submit their answers.

Leah played Ehud Banai's well-known Israeli song, "Hebrewman" which proved to be popular with the class which sang along with the video and continued to hum the refrain long after the song had ended. The class reviewed the song's lyrics and discussed the song's theme, including the question of how the song relates to the earlier issue of the 4000-year endurance of the Hebrew language.  

The lesson became more challenging when Leah presented the group with the lyrics to the song -- all in Hebrew. "Pick out two words from the song that are new to you" Leah instructed the boys. Despite the challenging text the boys were up to the task and quickly identified new words that they could translate.  

Hip Hop Hebraics involves high level subject material but the Noam students are a unique group that is able to tackle the challenge. At the present pace it seems that the class will be moving quickly through challenging material that takes most classes much longer.

Yasher Koach to Yeshivat Noam!  

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