Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Morning Live from Israel!

When E. T. asked her parents if she could attend Hebrew School, they were wary. Neither R. nor R., his parents,  had enjoyed a particularly successful Hebrew school experience and they had ignored the religious school question until their 11-year-old daughter raised the issue.

Growing up on a southern army base N. Z., who has spent his life in Africa, Jacksonville and now in Corpus Christi, TX, wasn't aware that there was such an institution as Hebrew school but  his parents, Captain Z. and wife J., were hoping that they would be able to find some kind of Jewish enrichment alternative for their son.

A. L. left his Hebrew school in Vancouver, Canada, because the hours conflicted with hockey practice. Although his parents felt that a Jewish education was a priority, they didn't want their son to see Judaism in a negative light so they reluctantly pulled him out of his congregational school program.

Five years ago the B. family moved to rural Vermont to enjoy a slower-paced, more relaxed lifestyle. While that part of their lives has panned out, they hadn't thought ahead to the time when their children K. and E. would need some kind of Jewish educational framework.

A.  S. from West Orange, NJ,was about to turn 13 and wanted to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah but his parents hadn't found a local congregation in which they felt comfortable. They questioned how A. could learn about Judaism and about Bar Mitzvah concepts that were important to their value system without becoming "members" of a Temple or synagogue. 

M. K., son of Dr. J. and S. K. graduated from Jewish Day School in Birimngham, AL. He and his parents were looking for ways to supplement his Jewish education, as the local day school went only until 8th grade.

All of these youngsters have one thing in common -- they've reached the age in which they need an environment of Jewish enrichment that meets their needs in an open and dynamic setting of vibrant Jewish engagement.

JconnecT Learning, the Sunday Morning Live Hebrew School, was created to answer that need. JconnecT brings online Jewish learning directly to the students' personal PC or mobile device, enabling the kids to engage and interact with Judaism as they learn about Jewish culture and traditions in a relaxed atmosphere along with teachers in Jerusalem and peers around the country.

JconnecT held two Open Houses this summer and students from throughout North America joined together to explore new topics, exchange ideas and thoughts and meet in an environment of open learning as they prepare for the 2013-2014 JconnecT online Jewish school "Sunday Morning Live."

The August 18th Open House class dealt with the coming holiday of Rosh  HaShana and connections between Gan Eden (Paradise) and the promises of new beginnings. Students were invited to chat in their answers to the open-ended questions which were aimed at increasing their critical thinking processes and helping to explore what they already know about Judaism and how they can build on their existing knowledge to move to new levels.

JconnecT joins other innovative alternatives as a realistic Jewish learning opportunity to engage and inspire young Jewish learners. JconnecT is a pluralistic, non-denominational online learning program which is open to all young Jewish learners. 
to Join the JconnecT/JETS Israel newsletter please contact Smadar. 

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