Sunday, January 5, 2014

Students Teach

The culmination of the first semester of JETS'  Contemporary Jewish Issues course at Yeshivat Kadimah in St. Louis centered on the  students' projects in which each student was assigned to explore, research and present a subject or an issue that concerns today's Jewish community. In this presentation, the students were requested to relate the issue to concerns of Jews who lived during the 1st - 3rd centuries C.E.

The students selected a wide variety of subjects ranging from wars and heroines to Israel as a high-tech nation, and even Jewish hats.

Following each student's presentation of his or her topic, the subjects that the students had chosen were further examined with follow-up activities.  Students were asked to review their  peers' projects and make comments, add information and otherwise expand on each theme.

In this phase of the learning, the students became teachers, which is a very powerful learning experience. Seeing is believing – view some of the presentations for yourselves:



Why the Weak Win Wars

Jewish Hats

Hi Tech Nation

Warfare Then and Now

Kosher Foods

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